Shoptalk Ventures

Shoptalk Ventures provides capital and connections to help Ecommerce and retail technology startups grow. The program is managed by Commerce Ventures and partners with leading investors to co-invest $1 million across ~20 early-stage companies.


How It Works

  • Ecommerce and retail technology startups apply using the online form below
  • Commerce Ventures evaluates all applicants
  • Shoptalk Ventures will make investments in ~20 companies over 2 years
  • Investments will be made alongside other VC firms
  • Participating retailers and brands get visibility into exciting, early stage ventures

What is Shoptalk

Shoptalk organizes the world's largest conferences for Retail and Ecommerce.



What is Commerce Ventures

Commerce Ventures is a leading early-stage venture capital firm focused on commerce technology. 

What is the Relationship Between Shoptalk and Commerce Ventures

Shoptalk is a limited partner in Commerce Ventures. Commerce Ventures independently reviews and selects companies for investment by the Shoptalk Ventures program.



What Are We Looking For

  • Teams with experience, passion and relevance to the market
  • Early product fit with customers or other users
  • Large market opportunity
  • Differentiated and defensible models

Startup Application Form

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who will see my application?
A: Entries are viewed only by Commerce Ventures, which does not share them externally (not even with with Shoptalk).

Q: What if I already have a lead for my round?
A: Shoptalk Ventures can invest alongside an existing lead investor

Q: How will you be involved after the investment?
A: Commerce Ventures can provide support, introductions and industry insights

Q: Do you take board seats?
A: No

Q: What if I need more capital than you can provide?
A: Commerce Ventures can help you identify additional sources of capital, including further funding from Commerce Ventures or its network of individual investors and venture capital firms

Q: Once I apply, how long before I hear back?
A: Generally within 2 weeks

Q: What diligence will be required prior to making an investment?
A: Commerce Ventures will engage in typical venture capital diligence, but leverage its industry network to expedite the process

Q: How do retailers participate in Shoptalk Ventures?
A: Retailers can join the Commerce Ventures network to get access to and information about Shoptalk Ventures companies

Q: How do investors participate in Shoptalk Ventures?
A: Lead and non-lead investors can invest alongside Shoptalk Ventures


Not a startup, but want to be involved?



Interested in getting exposure to some of the most exciting retail technology companies? We'd love to have you involved.

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Are you an active investor in Ecommerce or retail technology?  If so, please let us know what types of companies interest you.  Shoptalk Ventures will only represent a small portion of any investment round, so we welcome your participation.